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Pomegranate Oil is a wonderful oil to add to skin care products as it is high in polyphenols; these polyphenols are a powerful antioxidant.


It also contains Punicic Acid - also known as Omega 5. This rare essential fatty acid is abundant in Pomegranate Seed Oil - the only known botanical source. Omega 5 has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It tackles free radicals so delays skin ageing, making the oil very regenerative and even helps to stimulate collagen production.


It can also soothe and protect sun-damaged skin, reduce inflamed skin and improve the elasticity and tone of the skin. Excellent for use in aftersun products for its ability to moisturise and reduce redness.


Research has shown that the oil stimulates keratinocytes which are skin cells found in the epidermis. Regeneration of these cells can noticeably improve the appearance of the epidermis (outer skin layer) giving a fresher and younger look possibly even reversing existing damage.


This oil is very nourishing in hair treatments; it detangles the hair and gives it a smooth, shiny appearance. The scalp will also benefit, reducing the possibility of dandruff.


For dry skin it is intensively nourishing and moisturising, alleviating the dryness and improving the texture. It smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. For oily skin it penetrates easily into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. It will soothe irritation from blemishes and reduce the scarring.


Pomegranate Oil is anti-inflammatory and calms irritation and redness of the skin. This makes it a good choice for skin prone to eczema and psoriasis. Would make an ideal addition to massage oils










For cosmetic purposes

Use directly on skin and hair, or use as a carrier oil for formulating skin care products.


For massage purposes

Use directly on skin, can add few drops of essential oil for extra benefits.




Made in India, Distributed and bottled by LTD beauty way, Tovstonogov st.9, Tbilisi, Georgia.