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Simple Use Beauty Film Wax Wax Granules 800g Green aloe


Simple Use Beauty polymer wax has a natural base with the addition of ELASTIC THIN FORMULA polymer! Therefore, Simple Use Beauty film wax has become even more plastic and low-temperature. Polymeric film wax Green aloe - lays down in a uniform thin layer, very elastic, economical, has an average plasticization time, suitable for the formation of medium applications. Does not contain rosin!
Depilatory area: Legs, arms, shin, back, face, nostrils, suitable for medium applications.

Weight: 800 g

Mode of application:

Place the wax in a wax melter with a metal bowl and heat to the consistency of honey. Use wooden disposable spatulas to apply the wax to the skin. After applying the wax along the hair growth, wait a few seconds until it hardens and quickly tear it off with your hands against the hair growth. Paper strips for depilation are not needed. After the procedure, apply post-depilation oil to remove wax residue and soothe the skin