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Facial Brush Cleansing Machine

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Portable Facial & Body Brush 6pc Set

This useful device has multiple applications as a facial and body brush, a skin cleaning tool, a massager, and an exfoliator. It can be used to thoroughly cleanse the skin of oil, dirt and makeup; gently exfoliate dead skin cells; and delicately massage/stimulate skin cells. The rotary brush is an essential pre-treatment step prior to a facial. Power Level Control – Fast – Slow. Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise Rotation. Frequency 50-60Hz.

The set includes:

  • Rotary Facial & Body Brush with 110v-220v adapter and manual
  • Five Attachments:
    •  Large brush for broad areas such as cheek, chin and forehead;
    •  Small brush for targeted areas such as eyelids, lips and nose;
    •  Large Sponge or buffer for gentle exfoliation of sensitive skin;
    •  Small Sponge or buffer for gentle exfoliation in targeted areas. for eyelids, lip and nose etc. sensitive skin;
    •  Plaster stone for exfoliation of dead skin cells or coarse skin
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